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Probate for Personal Injury Attorneys

Probate for Personal Injury Attorneys

Probate Services for Personal Injury Attorneys


If you are a personal injury attorney representing catastrophic injury or wrongful death victims, you have probably tried to navigate the probate arena.  But is that the best use of your time?  Are you as familiar with the probate code and law as you are with tort law?  There are  lot of intricacies in the maze that is probate law like providing statutory notices to heirs and creditors, publishing required notices, filing timely and regular inventories and accountings, and on and on.  Trying to catch up and figure it out makes your client's case take longer, and your work less enjoyable.


To make matters worse, when a personal injury lawyer attempts to navigate the probate maze, he or she has, in essence hired a very high cost attorney to handle probate, someone who costs $500, $750 or $1,000 per hour. That is right, that very costly lawyer is YOU!  Think of what you can generate in fees in a normal year. Then divide that figure by 2,000, a reasonable number of hours an attorney can be expected to bill in a year. How much does it cost your law firm when you are bothering with probate proceedings and issues? How about when you have to make multiple trips to probate court to accomplish your goal? Do the math and I think you will agree that handling your own probate matters will not enhance your tort firm’s bottom line.  Especially because in most cases Willey Law Firm works on a flat fee, that you can bill back to your clients!  It's a win for you, and a win for them!  


The Willey Law Firm assists personal injury attorneys in cases that require probate work.  Specifically, advising and assisting with:

  • Formation of Estates;

  • Appointment of representatives in minor's estates, guardianships estates and decedent's estates;

  • Administration of the estate during the pendency of your personal injury action, including preparing and presenting inventories and status reports as required under South Carolina Law;

  • Assist you in analyzing pitfalls and opportunities in allocating settlements between survival actions and Wrongful Death Act actions;

  • Prepare and present petitions and settlement orders before the probate court;

  • Establish and oversee guardianships;

  • Serve as personal representative, guardian ad litem, or conservator;

  • Approval of minor and wrongful death settlements according to South Carolina Law;

  • and more!  If it's probate, we're here for you!


Most  services are offered on a flat fee, and those that are not are hourly, at very reasonable rates.  Most probate matters can be turned around quickly to ease along your case, and settlement process including for structured settlements. 


Please contact Willey Law Firm to better serve your clients and enhance your firm’s bottom line.

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